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Dec 23, 2019

It's a Christmas episode as we veer off from the usual political track to focus on some fun from 2019. Don't worry there's still a bunch of liberty crammed in, and some unavoidable politics. Banks and Shane give their list of 10-ish top favorites from 2019, including gifts, life hacks, youtube channels, podcast episodes and more. Merry Christmas with friends and family and may the New Year bring you Liberty and Peace. Support the podcast >>>

Favorites mentioned (partial):
MagBak for iPhone >>> (Shane)
Sean Vigue Fitness >>> (Shane)
Unregistered #87 >>> (Banks)
Mises/Spooner Article >>> (Banks)
Swiss Army Nail Clipper >>> (Banks)

Favorite Rebound Movie (post recording):
The Rise of Skywalker >>> (Shane)