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Mar 30, 2020

Jackson and Henry Hazel have questions about COVID-19. What are the kids thinking about what's going on in this new coronavirus world? Shane discusses the situation and answers their questions. Learn more at >>>

Mar 30, 2020

Banks and Shane continue to discuss the daily events and how the coronavirus is affecting their personal lives. Please some advice of the best bathrooms to use when you're not home and much more. Support the podcast >>>

Mar 27, 2020

Banks and Shane talk about personal responsibility in the age of coronavirus. They go through the different responses by government to "flatten the curve", including the proposal for a digital FED dollar. Then we take a personal turn on how this "new normal" is affecting our lives and those we love. Learn more at...

Mar 23, 2020

Guest host Brett, and Shane talking about how the economy is, and will change our lives, family communication and the silver linings of our current situation. What is the coronavirus was a scape goat? Support the podcast >>>

Mar 20, 2020

Banks and Shane open with a novel idea as they call a local candidate for Coroner of Cherokee County Georgia who has had his past catch up with him. Check out the website and video >>> Then we talk about the coronavirus again but with the words of C.S. Lewis in mind. Finally we tackle the upcoming...