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Feb 28, 2020

After a little update on the campaigns and personal lives and Banks and Shane that take on the questions of whether religion should play a role on politics. The end on a quick discussion about the Coronavirus. Support the podcast >>>

Feb 24, 2020

This episode was recorded as a Facebook live stream on 2/24/20 where we took listener questions about law enforcement to the new purple color of the studio. Then we walk through Shane's new website for his campaign for US Senate and we finish with some analysis of Mini Mike Bloomberg's strategy to win the...

Feb 21, 2020

West Virginia Delegate and Retired Lieutenant Colonel in Air Force, Tom Libby joins the podcast to explain why he went from supporting the Protect the Guard Act to opposing it on Constitutional grounds. Is this a change of perspective or a change in heart? Support the podcast >>>

Feb 17, 2020

Banks and Shane recap the happenings of the Democratic Primary for President since Iowa. Is Buttigieg the new favorite? How will Biden capitalize of his new found comedy career? Is Bloomberg colluding with the elites?

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Feb 14, 2020

You read it right, Anti-Federalist 13 and 14 are here to provoke you're inner Rebel-osity. We hope you enjoy, you're welcome and thank you. Support the podcast >>>